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A. Malakoff

The Waltz of Dreams & Nightmares - Original Painting

The Waltz of Dreams & Nightmares - Original Painting

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Dimensions (l x w): 16 in x 20 in / 40.64 cm x 50.8 cm

Materials: Fluid acrylic on stretched cotton canvas

My largest canvas to date, The Waltz of Dreams & Nightmares was created using both a dustpan pour, and a ribbon pour, using a funnel to fill in the remaining canvas sections. Representational of the recurring dreams and nightmares I've experienced since childhood, I sought to take the viewer on a journey through restless nights exploring alternate realities. Fluorescent pink and noisy chartreuse act as the chaotic drivers of dreams which can suddenly transport you into eerie nightmares. The varied range of violets represent the multi-layered effect nightmares can have, pulling the dreamer deeper into a seemingly endless sleep. This eclectic palette encourages dreamers to recall their nightly adventures and utilize these lessons in waking life. 

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