Our Mission

To collaborate with artists and collectors on the creation of artworks that inspire collective action to heal traumatized societies.

Democratization of Art

Making art is a universal human behavior that merits universal accessibility. At Unidos Art, we offer original fine art, open edition giclée prints, and high-quality fine art collectables for every price range and aesthetic pleasure. Check out our artist’s webpages below to see portfolios of their work as well as our content to get inspired for your next DIY art project.

Collective Creativity

It takes a robust community that cares for art to grow and develop sustainably. Whether it's beautifying your environment or that of a loved one, supporting the development of an inspiring artist, or simply sharing a newly discovered artwork with friends on social media, you can help shape the world with Unidos Art.

Art Activism

For nearly 50,000 years artists have been responsible for communicating new perspectives, questioning the status quo, and inspiring action across social networks in the human ecosystem. At Unidos Art, we help artists establish prolific bodies of work by empowering them to engage directly with their audience and develop a vision for solutions to the problems that affect their communities.


Unidos Art is the vision of Crispy Bits who, seeing the need for creative problem-solving in the face of Earth’s existential crisis, launched an independent artist collective in 2023 to lead positive change from the front.