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A. Malakoff

Silver Splice - Original Painting

Silver Splice - Original Painting

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Dimensions (l x w): 6 in x 6 in / 15.24 cm x 15.24 cm

Materials: Fluid acrylic on stretched cotton canvas

My first Dutch-style pour variation was done utilizing a straw and breath for detailed air manipulation instead of a powerful hairdryer. The simplified palette of black, red-violet, and silver allowed me to highlight the technique, centered on thin ribbon-like edges and cell lacing. A small amount of silicone was added to the silver to allow for minor cell formation, and by placing the red-violet streak central to the silver streak, the cells only bloomed with silver walls against the black background. The contrast of temperature from warmth (represented by red-violet) and coolness (from silver), creates a delicate balance in this simplified composition. 

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