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A. Malakoff

Precipice - Original Painting

Precipice - Original Painting

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Dimensions (l x w): 12 in x 12 in / 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm

Materials: Acrylic, heavy gloss gel, & modeling paste on stretched cotton canvas

Precipice plays tug-of-war with your eyes, pulling the viewer in several directions and provoking its depiction of plastic disruptions in placid water. Meant to first lull you into a sense of calm, like waves, with the striations of pale blue and blue-green background, it begs to be touched, which reveals its heavy, aggravated impasto strokes. The glossy and metallic pigments used highlight the unnatural additions we add to our waterways, metals, waste, and fertilizer runoff. The thick and thin splatter represent the various forms of plastic entrenched in our systems, some easily visible, some too tiny to ever remove. 

How much longer must we stand on this precipice watching our water supply tainted without taking action to save it? 

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